The 21 Day Yin Yoga Challenge

21 transformational days to gain flexibility, balance, inner strength, and serenity. Join the challenge to receive a NEW yoga video every day! Best of all, it's completely FREE!


Introspective and meditative, in yin yoga you will hold each pose for around 3 minutes as you breathe deeply and rhythmically. Gentle surrender into poses allows the body to open and a wave of healing to wash over your body, mind, and spirit. Surrender into the postures and allow healing and opening to happen in your deep tissues and fascia.


  • Balancing the rush, stress, and push of modern life, which is very YANG, including Vinyasa yoga classes.

  • In YIN YOGA you will hold yin yoga postures for 2-7 minutes to target deeper connective tissues and your fascia. The long, deep holds puts positive pressure that allows the body to open up, become more pliable, and flexible.


  • Increase in circulation and oxygen through deep breathing.


  • Becoming still, practicing patience, and going inward during yin yoga postures allows emotional healing to take place and greater serenity in daily life.


  • Healing through working on the fascia and connective tissues to stimulate self-healing physically as well as emotionally.


  • Turns off the fight, flight, or freeze status and turns ON the parasympathetic nervous system to care, repair, and heal your body.


  • Opens up a window in space and time to turn your attention inward, to become still, meditative, and completely relax. Start benefiting from all that yin offers.


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